Professional Code of Conduct

Clients have the right to have confidence in UnitedWed Members and, therefore, any actions that jeopardize this trust will be considered “acting in a manner unbecoming to the Profession,” including:

  • A violation of any applicable legislation or laws.
  • A breach of this Code

Fair Marketing

Certified Members shall not participate in misleading advertising, pressure tactics, or other unprofessional methods of obtaining business.

Professional Development

As professionals, Clients expect a level of knowledge of the industry and of the discipline that UnitedWed Members perform. Therefore, UnitedWed Members should maintain their knowledge and understanding of industry trends and should develop their skills and knowledge on an ongoing basis, particularly in their area(s) of discipline to a level that is consistent with the needs of their clients.

Protection of Privacy

Clients invite UnitedWed Members to highly personal events in their lives. UnitedWed Members shall conduct themselves appropriately by ensuring that all measures to ensure the Clients privacy are exercised. UnitedWed Members shall not disclose any confidential client information without the specific consent of the Client. This includes, but is not limited to, their likenesses in photographs.

Respect for Colleagues

UnitedWed Members shall not criticize other UnitedWed Members, either directly or indirectly, in an attempt to secure business or in any other aspect of their professional work.


UnitedWed Members who breach this Code shall be liable for suspension or expulsion from membership. Any membership fees payable until the end of the period in which the suspension or expulsion has taken place will remain payable. No proration will be applied.