UnitedWed Updates

UnitedWed App is now live!

We have fantastic news! Our app is finally live and available for download for Android devices on the Google Play Store and as an Instant App for iOS and other platforms. Our goal has always been to provide free wedding planning tools to couples and get them connected with the best professionals who are in their area, in their price range, and are available for their wedding day — all in real time!

What does that all mean?

If you’re planning your wedding

  • We make it easy for you to plan your wedding day so that you always have an idea of how your day will go
  • We help you stay organized with our task tracking and management tools so that you always know what to do next
  • We help you save time by finding out in real time if that professional you want to book is available so that you can focus on the right pros

If you’re a wedding professional

  • We connect you to highly-qualified leads the moment they are interested in your services
  • We provide you with funnel analysis so that you can see how effectively you are engaging with potential clients
  • We put local professionals at your fingertips so that you can coordinate your activities during and between client weddings

Of course, we’re not even close to finished adding features, so please feel free to provide as any feature requests and bug reports because we want to make this the best tool available for you!